Mutari Organic Gourmet Hot Chocolate & Gifts
Gourmet Hot Chocolate
Hand Crafted
Stone Ground
From Bean to Bottle
Single Origin
Ethically Traded

Hot Chocolate Perfection

At Mutari we are hot chocolate perfectionists, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts. We believe that our organic gourmet hot chocolate mix should be enjoyed as a gift to yourself and others. We believe that chocolate should be enjoyed as it has been for 90% of its existence on earth and that is as a rich, healing, organic drink. With these principles in mind we have found the most authentic, organic, and flavorful ingredients that are also sustainably traded, and hand craft the finest hot chocolate mix possible. Interested in more? Learn about the history of Mutari Hot Chocolate here

  • All of our offerings are single origin, meaning that we source cacao beans from only one small location for each mix
  • We only source cacao beans that give back to the farmer and the planet. All of the cacao we buy from the farmer is certified organic, ethically traded and in most cases Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • We believe in real hot chocolate, meaning that the first ingredient is stone ground cacao and not sugar. Our mixes are authentic, rich, and bursting with flavor
Ethically Traded

It’s true, we know our farmers and we make sure they get a good price for their hard work

Who is Running the Show at Mutari

Chef Stephen Beaumier


Chef Stephen Beaumier has been at the helm of several Michelin Star restaurants in the bay area most notably Cyrus in Healdsburg, Quince Restaurant in SF, with a recent stint at Noma in Copenhagen (formerly the #1 restaurant in the world). He has also been the culinary director at Din.Co. Stephen’s passion for excellence in the culinary world has now brought him to Mutari Chocolate where he is working on Mutari Chocolate’s first tempered bar.

Katy Oursler


After 10 years at the helm of locally founded Outstanding in the Field, growing the farm to table movement nationwide and organizing/hosting over 200 farm dinners nationally and internationally, Katy is now branching out into the world of Chocolate. Katy enjoys doing good things through local business, inspiring ideas, and good food. Katy believes less is more, quality over quantity, elegance engages rustic.



The Mutari Hot Chocolate founders include Adam Armstrong who lived with a small indigenous group called the Ngobe located deep in the jungle of Panama where he learned the art of traditional hot chocolate, and Matt Armstrong who has many years of experience in the fine chocolate industry with roots in organic gardening. Inspiration for Mutari also stems from Adam and Matt’s great great grandfather who was a corn farmer in Shenandoah Iowa in 1832 and who wrote a book about the importance of knowing where our food comes from.


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